2015 Youth Ambassadors Debriefing

2015 Youth Ambassadors Alumni

On March 18-20, twenty-six participants of the exchange program Youth Ambassadors for Community Service met in Paris for the program’s annual debriefing weekend, or “Weekend of Reflection”.

On March 18, the group attended a reception in their honor at the George Marshall Center, in presence of Deputy Chief of Mission Ms Uzra ZEYA and of a representative of the Commissariat général à l’égalité des territoires (CGET), M. Kais MARZOUKI. Uzra Zeya and Kais Marzouki met with the 2015 cohort to hear about their experiences in the U.S. in a special roundtable discussion, and later made remarks before a gathering of family members and teachers. The president of the Youth Ambassadors Alumni Association gave remarks introducing his organization, and the ceremony concluded with passing out of graduation certificates.

On March 19 and 20, the group debriefed with intensive day-long sessions. They discussed with representatives of the Youth Ambassadors Alumni association to discuss post-program alumni engagement, and with the Assistant Cultural Affairs Officer to give their feedback on the program. Participants also reflected on their experiences as Youth Ambassadors and brainstormed how to apply their new skills to better serve their communities.

Since the creation of the Youth Ambassadors program in 2008, high school students throughout France who demonstrate leadership potential and a passion for community service apply through a competitive essay and interview process to represent their country as Youth Ambassadors. The program includes intensive training and teambuilding activities in France, a two-week visit to the U.S., and a “Weekend of Reflection”.

For more information about the Youth Ambassadors for Community Service program: visit the Youth Ambassadors’ page