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246th Independence Day
July 8, 2022

Ambassador Denise Bauer

Remarks by Ambassador Denise Bauer

Thank you, Ambassador Markell.

You have served in critical positions during challenging times, as Governor while our country was recovering from a historic recession and, most recently, as Coordinator at the White House, helping vulnerable Afghans resettle in the United States.

So, when you speak about facing challenges with humility and in the spirit of partnership, your compassion and experience as a leader in hardship clearly shine through.

It is truly an honor to serve alongside you.

Friends, colleagues, distinguished guests,

Minister of National Education, Youth and Sports, Pap Ndiaye (NDI), nous sommes très honorés de votre présence avec nous ce soir.

And I would like to thank the generous sponsors who have made this event possible, not only for their contributions today, but for their ongoing commitment to the Franco-American relationship.

It is a pleasure for me to welcome you all to our most important annual event.

Bonsoir à tous et toutes,
soyez les bienvenus à la Résidence !

Cela fait maintenant cinq mois que j’ai pris mes fonctions d’Ambassadrice en France et à Monaco, et je suis chaque jour plus convaincue de la force, et de la beauté, de notre amitié.

Mon histoire et mon affection pour la France sont une affaire de famille.

Ma grand-mère parlait un français impeccable.

Quand je lui demandais quelque chose, elle répondait : “En français, s’il te plaît !”

C’est elle, ensuite, qui m’a encouragée à partir en voyage d’études en Europe, et bien entendu, en France,
quand j’ai eu quinze ans.

Cette expérience a changé ma vie.

Aujourd’hui, je suis heureuse, et fière, de poursuivre avec vous un partenariat, une alliance, une amitié uniques au monde, à bien des égards.

We are thrilled to again celebrate the United States of America’s Independence in your company.

Today, as we mark the founding of our great country, we also celebrate our oldest alliance, one of our strongest, and most treasured.

I find it truly moving to see both our national flags, bearing the same colors of bleu – blanc – rouge, proudly flying together.

In history’s most pivotal moments, our alliance has never faltered.

From Lafayette’s support for our nascent nation, to the struggle to liberate France and Europe from totalitarianism…

…Our citizens have aspired to greater freedoms and together defended democracy, the rule of law, and human rights.

We are proud of our common ideals, and we will stand by them—together as allies—in the face of Moscow’s unjustified “war of choice.”

Putin’s naked aggression is a threat to our Ukrainian neighbors who chose a path of democracy in line with our own.

It is also a threat to our shared security, our shared prosperity, and our shared values.

Madeleine Albright said it best when she called on us to “never forget that the destinies of Europe and North America are inseparable, and that this is as true now as it was when NATO was founded.”

Putin has tested our collective will.
And we have responded.

Our united response has shown the strength of our transatlantic alliance.

Today, although we face challenges, we should be very optimistic, because our investment in this alliance has made us stronger, more capable, and more united.

There are many examples, beyond national and regional security, of our cooperation and commitment to each other.

Trade between our two countries has rebounded nearly to pre-pandemic levels.

Likewise, our investment relationships continue to expand, and the United States remains the top foreign investor in France.

Meanwhile, our business communities on both sides of the Atlantic have shown tremendous resilience, jointly creating one-hundred thousand new jobs since the onset of the pandemic.

Our two governments are also cooperating closely to address the global challenge of climate change by investing in new energy technologies and facilitating the transition to a cleaner and greener future.

Our joint efforts to raise global ambition to lower greenhouse gas emissions have resulted in stronger commitments to move away from fossil fuels and toward just solutions that benefit all.

And we are also excited to see American students and tourists once again walking around Paris.

So, we have much to celebrate on this Independence Day, and what better place to do it than here, in Paris, the capital of America’s oldest ally.

Je crois que nous, Français et Américains, avons une chance incroyable : celle de la confiance.

Nous avons traversé ensemble les pires tempêtes.

D’autres nous attendent, mais c’est main dans la main que nous y répondrons.

God bless America, Vive la France !

And I hope you enjoy the party!