Ambassador Jamie D. McCourt U.S.: Mission France Policy Priorities – Four Pillars of Action

Ambassador Jamie McCourt

“My vision for U.S. Mission France is to achieve President Trump’s core foreign policy goals in cooperation with French partners: Security and Prosperity for the American people at home and abroad” – Ambassador Jamie D. McCourt

Four pillars of action to support this diplomatic platform:

Ensuring Security through Policy Engagement
The safety of American citizens is the Embassy’s ultimate priority.  The Mission will tackle the full spectrum of global threats facing our two countries through its close relationships with the Government of France.

Countering Anti-Semitism and Forms of Anti-Zionism
Addressing the spike in anti-Semitic hatred surfacing globally and across France, home to Europe’s largest Jewish community, is fundamental to our shared democratic values.  The Mission will also combat anti-Zionist positions.

Pursuing Commercial Diplomacy and Encouraging Self-Sufficiency
Business engagement is a core element of our foreign policy.  The Mission will promote start-ups and innovation and encourage financial independence as well as other commercial endeavors.  Mission France will cultivate public-private partnerships and plan educational initiatives to further these values.

Engaging through Culinary, Cultural, and Sports Diplomacy
Inspiring action requires dynamic and innovative programs. The Ambassador and her team will reach out across France through initiatives based in food, wine, art, film, sports, and fashion to share the President’s vision and captivate new audiences with American creativity and excellence. 

God Bless America and Vive la France!