Books and Webographies

Nouveaux Horizons
Nouveaux Horizons is ARS’s book publishing department, which publishes books by American authors in French, sells them to booksellers throughout francophone Africa, the Maghreb, and Haiti, and distributes copies to U.S. Embassies. Nouveaux Horizons publishes about 30 new titles each year on topics including leadership and management, media, democracy, science, education, and American civilization, and publishes a wide range of titles for children and youth.

Check out the NH page in French to find out more, and to access our general and youth catalogs.

Books in French
ARS also sends books by American authors translated into French to U.S. Embassy-sponsored American Spaces in francophone Africa, the Maghreb, and Haiti.

Check out the French page to find out more.

Free Online Resources
ARS designs webographies, i.e., bibliographies of free resources on the internet in French, on topics that address U.S. foreign policy objectives and concerns.

Books in Portuguese
ARS provides American Spaces in Lusophone Africa with books in Portuguese. Click here to find out more.