The objective of Africa Regional Services’ press outreach is multi-fold:

  • Engage with African journalists in France, and other journalists covering African issues;
  • Give opportunities to local journalists to meet visiting U.S. government officials from the African Affairs Bureau while they are in Paris;
  • Seek out promising African journalists to participate in the International Visitor Leadership exchange program.

Africa Regional Services sets up interviews and press conferences with American government officials in Washington or while in Paris to discuss the U.S. Policy toward sub-Saharan Africa.  These events are open to French and pan-Africa media based in Europe.

The International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) is the U.S. Department of State’s premier professional exchange program.  Every year, participants from around the world travel to the United States to meet their American counterparts and discover the country.  The three-week visit allows participants to travel to five different states, to visit a variety of public and private organizations related to their professional interest, and to participate to social and cultural activities.  The visitors are selected by Africa Regional Services through an internal nomination process, which is not open to the public.  All participants have to be members of the pan-African press corps.  Over the past 30 years, more than 500 Paris-based African-born journalists have taken part in the IVLP.

Many IVLP alumni now form the Cercle Andrew Young, a group of active African exchange participants who also work with the larger Cercle Thomas Jefferson which is open to all U.S. government exchange program alumni in France.

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An I visa is required for all representatives of foreign media, print, radio, TV or any other media.

This applies to all Non-Americans whose work relates to media, whether reporting, working on documentaries, producing videos or any other job in connection with media.

Please check the consular page of the U.S. Embassy in France for information about the visa process.