Speakers and Artists

U.S. Speakers and Artists Program

U.S. Embassies use the ARS Speaker and Artist program to explain American perspectives on a wide range of topics using independent American experts who participate in lectures, seminars, workshops, events, and conferences with African publics.  These exchanges promote a better understanding of American values and policies.

ARS programs speakers in two formats:

  • In-person, by traveling to specific locations in Africa.
  • Virtually, by video conference, Skype, or Google+ Hangouts using ARS facilities.

ARS recruits U.S. speakers and artists to help U.S. Embassies meet U.S. foreign policy goals through public diplomacy.  Speakers come from a variety of backgrounds such as business, health, education, journalism, and other fields.  Artists come from dance, music, storytelling, and other professions.   ARS funds the programs and ensures the logistics for participating speakers and artists.

Want more information about participating?

Are you are passionate about sharing your knowledge and experience, and want to engage in conversation with African counterparts and African youth?  Are you a U.S. citizen living in Europe and willing to contribute to the dialogue between Africans and Americans?  Contact us at ARSSpeaker@state.gov  for more information.