Demonstration Alert: U.S. Embassy Paris, France

Demonstration Alert – U.S. Embassy Paris, France September 11, 2020 Location: Paris: Protestors gathering at various places throughout the city Other cities and towns throughout France Event: Large Gilet Jaune protests are expected to take place throughout France this weekend. In Paris, beginning on Friday, September 11, at 6:00 pm through the early morning hours ... Read More»

Health Alert – U. S. Embassy Paris, France

March 26, 2020 Health Alert U.S. Embassy Paris, France Location: France Event: The U.S. Embassy in Paris will be sending a daily update to ensure that all U.S. citizens in France have the latest information on COVID-19, and local security conditions in France. France has confirmed cases of COVID-19 throughout the country. U.S. citizens who ... Read More»

World War I Centennial Series – Long Hours, Hurried Meals: Staffing Embassy Paris

16-hour days & meals “hurriedly swallowed”: Embassy staffing shortages August 1914 The duties of Embassy Paris multiplied exponentially in the first half of August 1914. In addition to representation of U.S. Government interests to the Government of France, the Embassy had to evacuate, shelter, feed, and issue emergency passports and identity papers for stranded U.S. ... Read More»

World War I Centennial Series – J.J. Jusserand’s Long Voyage

It took, French Ambassador to the US JJ Jusserand, three weeks to travel from Paris to Washington in August 1914 French Ambassador to the United States J.J. Jusserand was no stranger to America. Since 1902, he served as France’s envoy in Washington, D.C., and by 1914 was dean of the diplomatic corps. When war broke ... Read More»

World War I Centennial Series – The American Ambulance Hospital in Neuilly

The American Ambulance Hospital in Neuilly established & operated from Lycée Pasteur On August 9, 1914, the American Ambulance Hospital in Neuilly was established, a private hospital funded and staffed by U.S. volunteers to treat wounded soldiers from both sides of the conflict. Championed by Ambassador Myron T. Herrick, the American Ambulance Hospital was quickly ... Read More»

World War I Centennial Series – Getting Around Paris: U.S. Diplomats Ride in Diverse Styles

How to navigate Paris August 1914 w/out the métro, taxis, or private cars? Hire a horse chaise (fiacre)!  One of the many ways war impacted daily life for all in Paris, including those within the U.S. diplomatic community, was transportation—or lack of it. The Paris Métro closed at 7:30pm to comply with the 8pm curfew ... Read More»

World War I Centennial Series – Paris in August 1914

Paris at war August 1914: the Tour Eiffel guarded by barbed wire & guns; the Champs-Élysées darkened With France fully engaged in the war, life in and around Paris quickly changed.  Much of the city’s bustling life abruptly halted as men mobilized and shipped off to the frontlines. In their place, wives, daughters, sisters, and ... Read More»

World War I Centennial Series – Caretaking German and Austro-Hungarian Interests

Ambassador Herrick procured lodging and security for Germans stranded in France early August at Lycée Condorcet France entered into a state of war with Germany at 6:45pm on August 3, 1914. That evening the German Ambassador to France, Baron Wilhelm von Schoen, departed the country. As previously arranged, responsibility to care for German subjects in ... Read More»

World War I Centennial Series – Evacuation of U.S. Citizens from France

Stranded w/out money or shelter: thousands of American tourists descend on the embassy for help Thousands of Americans in Europe were stranded as the Continent passed from peace to belligerency within a week of July 28, 1914.  The crisis was compounded by their inability to withdraw funds from French banks. Wealthy Americans were just as ... Read More»

World War I Centennial Series – Mobilization and Adjusting to War

What would you do without your croissant? “No more fancy bread!” Food regulations & mobilization August 1914 Orders for general French mobilization were issued on Saturday August 1, 1914. On the evening of August 3, France entered into a state of war with Germany. Ambassador Myron T. Herrick telephoned René Viviani at the Quai d’Orsay ... Read More»

U.S. nearing goal of admitting 10,000 Syrian refugees

The United States is closing in on its goal of welcoming 10,000 refugees from war-torn Syria by the end of September. By Voice of America – Aug 12, 2016 President Obama set that target last September. The pace accelerated in late spring and summer as more refugees passed stringent security checks and other requirements and were cleared for admission. ... Read More»
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