Voting by Absentee Ballot from France

Just voted in November? Still traveling or living overseas? You should register and request your absentee ballot to vote again in 2017 to ensure your election office knows where to send your ballot for any upcoming special elections for federal office. Some states are also holding gubernatorial or other statewide elections this year. The Federal Voting Assistance Program (FVAP) recommends all overseas

Message for U.S. Citizens: Apply Early for Your Passport

January 24, 2017 Don’t wait! Apply now to obtain or renew your U.S. passport. Nearly 10 years after implementation of the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) and the associated surge of passport applications, the U.S. Embassy in Paris is preparing for an anticipated surge as those applicants renew their passports. We encourage U.S. citizens in France to apply for or

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Embassy & Consulates Closures over the Holidays

The U.S. Embassy Paris and our Consulates in France will be CLOSED on Monday, December 26th and on Monday, January 2, 2017.   U.S. Citizens Emergency The numbers below are provided for U.S. citizens who are distressed and require emergency services such as assistance with the death, arrest, illness, abduction in progress, or injury of an American citizen. Routine services such as passport renewals, reports of birth abroad, and notarials are NOT considered emergencies and are

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European Travel Alert for U.S. Citizens

United States Embassy Paris, France Security Message for U.S. Citizens European Travel Alert November 22, 2016   The Department of State alerts U.S. citizens to the heightened risk of terrorist attacks throughout Europe, particularly during the holiday season.  U.S. citizens should exercise caution at holiday festivals, events, and outdoor markets.  This Travel Alert expires on February 20, 2017. Credible information indicates

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Security Message: Worldwide Caution (September 9, 2016)

Security Message for U.S. Citizens:  Worldwide Caution (September 9, 2016) As part of the State Department’s continuous efforts to provide U.S. citizens traveling abroad with information about relevant events, we are updating the Worldwide Caution with information on the continuing threat of terrorist actions and violence against U.S. citizens and interests throughout the world.  Current information suggests that terrorist groups

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Continued State of Alert

U.S. Embassy Paris, France Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Continued State of Alert September 9, 2016   In the wake of recent arrests of terror suspects in Paris, the U.S. Embassy in Paris, France reminds U.S. citizens that credible information suggests that ISIL and other terrorist groups continue to plan terrorist attacks in France, as detailed in the Department’s Worldwide Caution.  We

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Extension of State of Emergency

Security Message for U.S. Citizens: Extension of State of Emergency U.S. Embassy Paris, France  July 22, 2016 The U.S. Embassy in France reminds U.S. citizens that the French government continues to operate under a state of emergency, which has been extended through January 26, 2017.  The state of emergency allows the government to prevent the circulation of individuals and to

Every Vote Counts

July 4th Voting Message

Celebrate democracy this 4th of July by taking the necessary steps to vote in the 2016 U.S. elections! In order to vote in the November 2016 elections, all overseas U.S. citizens should have completed a Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) in 2016.  Whether you are a first-time voter or have already received ballots and voted absentee in past elections, you

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