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Key Officers

U.S. Mission France

Embassy Paris


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List of Additional Key Officers

Africa Regional Services – Jeffrey Loree, Director
Consulate General Marseille – Kristen Grauer, Consul General
Consulate General Strasbourg – Yvonne Gonzales, Consul General
Consulate Bordeaux – Hector Brown, Consul
Consulate Lyon – Richard Johns, Consul
Consulate Rennes – Elizabeth Webster, Consul

Agency for International Development
Kendra Schoenholz, Minister Counselor
Air Force, Office of Special Investigations
William A. Yardley, Special Agent in Charge
American Battle Monuments Commission
John Wessels, Chief Operating Officer
Consular Affairs
Colombia Barrosse, Ministry Counselor for Consular Affairs and Consul General
Department of Agriculture
David Leishman, Counselor
Dr. Robert Shatters, Director of European Biological Control Laboratory
Department of  Defense
Colonel Allen Pepper, Army Defense Attaché
SSGT Julian Almaraz, Jr., Marine Corps Detachment Commander
Colonel Pongpat Piluek, Chief of the Office of Defense Cooperation
Department of Energy
Erika Hunsicker, Energy Attaché
Department of Justice
Puneet Kakkar, Attaché
Matthew Keller, Attaché for Drug Enforcement Administration
Department of Homeland Security
Paul Moore, Attaché for Immigration and Customs Enforcement
Federal Aviation Administration
Jennifer Solomon, Attachée
Federal Bureau of Investigation
Jarrad Smith, Legal Attaché
Foreign Commercial Service
Scott Pozil, Minister Counselor
U.S. Mission to the Organization for Economic Cooperation & Development (O.E.C.D)
Jack Markell, Ambassador
National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
Matthew Koeppe, Attaché for Space Affairs
Naval Criminal Investigative Services
Davin Pascale, Attaché
Secret Service
Jocelyn Keaveney, Special Agent in Charge
Social Security Administration
Marina Ramirez, Regional Federal Benefits Officer
Transportation Security Administration
Michael Donnelly, Attaché