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Defense Attaché Office


The Defense Attaché Office Paris is one of the oldest in the Defense Attaché System. Its origins trace to the establishment of the first overseas diplomatic post in Paris by Benjamin Franklin. The United States has a long and rich history of robust military cooperation with the French Republic, and the Defense Attaché Office is proud to continue that mission.

The Senior Defense Official/Defense Attaché (SDO-DATT) is the primary military advisor to the Ambassador and Country Team on military issues and developments within France. Additionally he represents the Secretary of Defense, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and other Department of Defense (DoD) elements; plans and coordinates U.S. military activities with the French Armed Forces throughout France and the Mediterranean (including coordination with DoD, Joint Staff, USAFRICOM, USCENTCOM, and USEUCOM); observes and reports on French military developments; oversees U.S. military training programs (including Foreign Area Officer in-country training and the Personnel Exchange Programs); and supports DoD and other VIP visits. In addition to the Defense Attaché, this office has dedicated representatives for the Army, Air Force, US Marine Corps, and the US Navy. DAO Paris has seven military attachés, five support staff, and six locally Employed Staff members.

DAO Paris owes its large size to the incredibly busy schedule that it supports, including regional exercises, bilateral training with French forces, VIP visits, naval port calls, aircraft clearances, and diplomatic events like the G7 Summit. DAO Paris has been frequently cited as one of the busiest DAOs in the entire Attaché Service, with a sterling reputation for flawless coordination and diplomatic presence.

Defense Attaché Office
U.S. Embassy
2 avenue Gabriel (mail)
75382 Paris Cedex 08
Phone: ++33-1-43-12-22-22
Email: ParisDAO@state.gov