Don’t Let the Elections Pass You By 

Every Vote Counts

Don’t Let the Elections Pass You By 

U.S. Embassy, Paris 

September 30, 2020 


If you plan to vote in the November 2020 election it is important to ACT NOW!   Don’t wait, return your voted ballot right away! Remember U.S. embassies and consulates are not polling places; same-day in-person voting is not available outside the United States – but you can get assistance in requesting and returning your absentee ballot.  Many states require voted ballots to reach local election officials by the close of polls on Tuesday, November 3.  

The Department of State is committed to assisting overseas voters in casting their ballots.  For instructions on how to vote from France and Monaco please see our website: For general overseas voting information please see the Department of State’s website Absentee Voting Information for U.S. Citizens Abroad or   



Note that the U.S. Postal Service recommends voters mail, email or fax their completed ballots before Election Day and at least one week prior to your state’s deadline.   To allow processing time between Department of State and U.S. Postal Service systems this means ballots must be received in the Embassy or Consulate much earlier.

If you wish to drop off your ballot at the Embassy or Consulates General in Marseille or Strasbourg, or have a friend or colleague drop it off for you, place it in a U.S. postage-paid envelope — provided with the ballot or you can download the template hereaddress it to your county board of elections, and seal the envelope

To account for sufficient processing time between Department of State and U.S. Postal Service systems, ballots should be taken to the: 

Note: all voting materials dropped at the Embassy or Consulates must be placed in a U.S. postage paid envelope and addressed to the appropriate U.S. election office. 

The above timelines are based on current local and U.S. conditions, which are subject to change.  Should conditions change and impact the timeline we will alert you.  We strongly recommend you submit your ballot as far in advance as possible. 

Ballots received after the dates provided above will be forwarded, but may arrive too late to be counted.  Please also check the regulations in the state in which you vote as deadlines may differ, and you may have alternative voting options such as electronic voting or by fax  

Missed the U.S. Embassy or Consulate General shipments deadline?  Consider returning your ballot to the United States via a commercial express courier service such as FedEx, UPS, DHL or by French Chronopost, or return your voted ballot electronically if allowed by your state.  Ballots sent to local election officials via express courier service do not receive standard postmarks, so voters using this method should confirm delivery on or before November 3 prior to payment and shipment.  Check your state’s voting procedures at for guidance.   

Returning your ballot by international mail delivery: If using the French or Monaco postal system, be sure to affix sufficient international postage, and allow sufficient time for international mail delivery.  Ballots sent via regular international mail from should be sent as soon as possible since late ballots may not reach local election officials by state ballot receipt deadlines. You may need to consider another method if sending your ballot after October 13. 

NEVER RECEIVED YOUR BALLOT?  If you registered to vote and requested an absentee ballot prior to your state’s registration deadline, but have not yet received your ballot, complete and return a Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot (FWAB) to ensure your vote reaches election officials by your state’s deadline.  If your regular ballot arrives later, complete and return it as well.  Your Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot will only be counted if your regular ballot does not reach local election officials by your state’s deadline.  Your vote will not be counted twice.

Returning your Federal Write-in Absentee Ballot by email or fax.  Review your state’s voting procedures at carefully for guidance. 

HELP SPREAD THE WORD ABOUT OVERSEAS VOTING.  Please help spread the word to your friends, family, and colleagues that now is the time to start thinking about overseas voting.  Consider posting to your Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or other social media account that you are an active voter and will be dropping off or mailing your Federal Post Card Application or completed ballot.  Use #ProudOverseasVoter to help get the word out about voting. 

Have Questions? Need help?  You can get online or in-person assistance from our Embassy and Consulate Voting Assistance Officers. 

If you have any questions about casting your ballot or registering to vote by absentee ballot, please contact the: 

  • U.S. Embassy Paris Voting Assistance Officer at . Your email will be answered within 24 hours, weekdays, except on holidays.
  • If you still have questions, call the Embassy voting information phone line weekdays from 11am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm.  Please dial; if your call is not answered immediately, please leave your name and telephone number.  We will call you back as soon as possible.
  • US Consulate General, Marseille at: 
  • US Consulate General, Strasbourg at:  
  • You can also contact the Federal Voting Assistance Program directly if you encounter issues with local election officials by emailing or toll free by phone from many countries around the world.   

Important Notes

 Embassies and consulates are not polling places. Same-day in-person voting is not available outside the United States.

Please do not send any voting materials to the Embassy by mail.  They may be opened and so disqualified by local election officials

Confirm your registration and ballot delivery online.  Learn more at the Federal Voting Assistance Program’s (FVAP) website at