J’irai danser sur la lune Podcast Pedagogical Kit

J’irai danser sur la lune is a 10-episode podcast in French in which actress Laura Felpin sets out to throw the best party ever… on the Moon. In each episode, Laura will figure out how to make her fantastical plan a reality by examining real-life emerging technological and societal challenges and consulting with French and American experts working to solve them.


The US Embassy in France has created this Pedagogical Kit to provide a resource for English teachers to use the podcast in their classrooms. The kit contains the original interview recordings with American speakers, along with transcripts, selected vocabulary, and discussion questions. Themes include innovation, Franco-American collaboration, climate change, and diversity. Depending on their students’ levels of English or if they are interested in hearing the full podcast, teachers may choose to use the kit on its own or incorporate the French version of the interviews available here in the 10-episode and on all podcast platforms.