Youth Ambassadors

2020 Youth Ambassador for Community Service – Call-for-candidacies

Are you a French high school junior or senior level student? Do you have an experience in community service ? Become a Youth Ambassador for Community Service to the United States!

The Embassy of the United States of America in France, in partnership with the Délégation interministérielle pour l’égalité des chances des Français d’Outre-mer et la visibilité des outre-mer and Corsair for overseas regions, are inviting you to participate in a 2-week program in the United States with 36 high school students.

As a Youth Ambassador for Community Service, you will represent France and participate in meetings and debates with associations and young people on themes such as equal opportunity and community service. In the U.S., you will meet American associative leaders and students with which you can share your experience.

Before your departure from France, you will participate in two obligatory training sessions, one of which is a national training session taking place in Paris. Upon your return, you will share your experience with others.

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