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The Public Diplomacy Section interacts with public and private educational institutions in the United States and France as well as with both countries’ Ministries of Education to develop and implement a wide variety of programs in support of common education goals.

Learn more about quality higher-education opportunities in the U.S. and about our programs in France.

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Join the ExchangeAlumni community and open the door to a world of support, resources, and funding opportunities to help you build on the skills you gained during your exchange program:

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  • Read journals, academic journals, and articles through Gale and EBSCO’s first academic database.
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  • Get up-to-date information on live events, such as #MentorTalks, and ExchangeAlumni news.

There are also resources you can access without logging in, such as the Resources for Entrepreneurs page, where you can find information and programs to help you build your business.

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Africa Regional Services (ARS)

ARS logoAfrica Regional Services (ARS), located in Paris, is a division of AF/PDPA, the African Affairs Bureau’s Office of Public Diplomacy in Washington. ARS is the primary source of public diplomacy services and products in French for U.S. Missions in Africa. ARS provides programming support for all AF posts, and limited services to Haiti, the Maghreb, and Lusophone posts.

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