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Employment Opportunities in the Tri-Mission France, Consulates and American Presence Posts (APPs)

How to apply for a job with the Tri-Mission France

General Information

The Human Resources (HR) Office in Paris manages the Employment Program for all agencies represented in the Tri-Mission, which includes the Bilateral Mission, UNESCO, and USOECD in Paris, APP Bordeaux, APP Lyon, Consulate General Marseille, APP Rennes, Consulate General Strasbourg, and APP Toulouse. The Paris HR Office does not recruit for positions with the American Battles and Monuments Commission (ABMC).

The HR Office advertises all of its positions on the embassy internet and through our Facebook and Twitter social media sites.


Equal Employment Opportunity Policy (EEO)

The Tri-Mission France provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status or sexual orientation. To the extent that any information related to the foregoing is collected or incidentally revealed, such information shall not be used in connection with any hiring, promotion or other decisions related to employment made by the Tri-Mission France.

Citizenship and Residency

Applications for specific positions listed on this website may be limited to U.S. Citizens if there is a need for a security clearance; however, the majority of positions in the Tri-Mission are open to all applicants, regardless of citizenship. The hiring mechanism and salary scale applied to the successful candidate is determined by his or her residency status, not citizenship.

Who Can Apply

All applicants must be permanent residents of France or legally eligible to work. Applicants must provide proof of residency in the form of an unrestricted, current work permit or residency permit at the time of application. The Tri-Mission does not sponsor work permits for employment applicants.

Eligible Family Members (EFMs) or Members of Household (MOHs) on official orders who derive their eligibility to work in the Mission from their US direct-hire sponsor, who is assigned to France, may apply for positions prior to their arrival in France.

Applicants for employment must be at least 18 years of age. Employees with less than 52 weeks of employment are not eligible to apply. Currently employed USEFMs who hold a Family Member Appointment (FMA) and Not-Ordinarily Residents (NORs) hired under a Personal Services Agreement (PSA) are ineligible to apply for advertised positions within the first 90 calendar days of their employment unless currently hired into a temporary part-time or intermittent position.

Hiring Preferences

When qualified, U.S. Citizen Eligible Family Members with U.S. Veteran’s preference (USEFM VET) and U.S. Citizen Eligible Family Members (USEFM) will be given preference.

Under U.S. law including the Foreign Service Act of 1980, as amended, status as USEFM Veterans and USEFM is an affirmative factor in employment. To receive a preference in hiring, USEFM’s Veterans and USEFM candidates must be fully qualified before receiving first consideration for the advertised position. Qualified USEFM applicants who also have U.S. Veterans Preference, they will receive the highest preference. USEFM and USEFM’s Veterans candidates are eligible to receive preference each time they apply for Tri-Mission advertised positions, subject to Tri-Mission HR confirmation of eligibility. The Tri-Mission HR’s decision on eligibility for US Veterans Preference after reviewing the DD-214 or conditional eligibility documentation is final.

How to Apply

The HR Office receives applications only through the e-mail address. If you are interested in applying for vacant positions, you must submit your application directly to our recruitment mailbox.

Interested applicants for this position must submit the following or the application package will not be considered.

Applicants who claim EFM or MOH status must include in the cover letter accompanying their application that they are claiming EFM/MOH status, their present nationality, and name and employing section/agency of their sponsoring family members.

For positions advertised with an English Language Level of 3/3 or higher:

  • Applicants are required to submit their cover letter(s) and signed DS-174 form(s) in English (standard resumes are no longer accepted).

For positions advertised with a English Language Level of 2/2 or lower:

  • Applicants may submit their cover letter(s) and signed DS-174 form(s) in French or English (standard resumes are no longer accepted).

DS-174 in English and French are available on this page (see Form box on the right)

Proof of the required education level: only U.S. / French diplomas / official French equivalent diplomas/degrees are considered: you can contact the Official French Organism to obtain an equivalent of your foreign diploma/degree in France “Centre ENIC-NARIC”:

IMPORTANT:  U.S. Veteran’s applicants must submit written documentation confirming eligibility (e.g., Member Copy 4 of Form DD-214, Letter from the Veteran’s Administration, or certification documenting eligibility under the VOW Act with an expected discharge no later than 120 days after the certification is submitted) by the closing date of the vacancy announcement.


Application Basics

  1. We are an Equal Opportunity Employer. Do not include your race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or sexual orientation in your DS-174 form(s) and/or your cover letter.
  2. The DS-174 form must provide your date of birth and nationality information only in response to specific questions on the form.
  3. Your DS-174 form must explain how you meet all of the requirements of the vacant position. Your application will not be considered if you fail to address all of the qualifications requirements.For positions advertised with an English Language Level of 3/3 or higher:


    • Applicants are required to submit their cover letter(s) and signed DS-174 form(s) in English (standard resumes are no longer accepted).

    For positions advertised with a English Language Level of 2/2 or lower:

    • Applicants may submit their cover letter(s) and signed DS-174 form(s) in French or English (standard resumes are no longer accepted). 

    DS-174 in English and French are available on this page (see Form box on the right).

  4. Include all relevant work experience, paid and voluntary in detail in your DS-174. Start with your present or most recent work experience. When describing work, list specific duties/responsibilities and accomplishments. Include supervisory responsibilities and the number of employees supervised if applicable. Go into as much detail as possible for work experience that directly relates to the advertised position.
  5. Include in your DS-174, the names, addresses and contact details for three (3) personal references and three (3) professional references. The personal references are ideally individuals who know you professionally and can comment on your suitability for employment at the mission. Personal references must exclude relatives and former supervisors. The professional references should be supervisors who can also comment on your suitability for employment with the Tri-Mission. We will obtain your permission before contacting any reference.
  6. Candidates who claim U.S. Veteran’s preference must specify that they have a DD-214 in their DS-174 form or cover letter to be considered as a U.S. Veteran and a copy of the DD-214 will be required before an interview is scheduled. If you claim conditional preference status as a U.S. veteran and are selected for an interview, you must provide proof of eligibility before an interview is scheduled; a copy of your current military orders or a letter on official military letterhead signed by the commanding officer that states the type of service and that you are in active duty status.

The Selection Process          

  1. Short listing and interviews are normally completed within six weeks of the closing date. Please assume that your application has been unsuccessful if you have not heard from us within six weeks of the closing date.
  2. We will indicate on our vacancy announcement any job requirement which may require testing before short listing is completed and interviews are scheduled. You will be required to come to one of our HR offices (depending on the location of the job) in person for testing.
  3. If the interview panel determines that you are the best person for the job, your previous employer will be contacted and asked to provide employment references for you prior to a conditional offer of employment being made.
  4. If you are not successful in the interview process, please be advised that we are unable to provide feedback to you about your interview.

Employment Offers

  1. If you are selected for a position with the Tri-Mission, you will receive a conditional offer of employment which includes a breakdown of the salary and benefits offered as well as general information about terms and conditions of employment. After you accept our conditional offer, no changes can be made at a later time to the salary and benefits package. After acceptance of the conditional offer, you will be provided with medical and security forms which must be completed within five work days and returned to the HR Office.
  2. Candidates should never resign from their current employment until they receive a final offer from HR. The final offer letter means that you have successfully completed the medical and security clearance requirements.