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Attorneys in Marseille and Southern France


Fairfield – 150 avenue du Golf, 06250, Mougins , Tel: 09 72 89 00 98
Banking and financial, civil, commercial and business law, contracts corporation, estates, family law, taxes / Grasse Bar
Contact: Frederic Michel Frederic.michel@fairfield-avocat.fr

Brahin, Nicolas – 1 rue Louis Gassin, 06300 Nice, Tel: 04 93 83 08 76
Cell: 06 63 51 47 70, 06 73 08 52 63
Banking and financial, civil, commercial and business law, contracts corporation, damages, estates, family law, foreign investments, foreign claims, immigration, insurance, intellecutal property, investment, marriage/divorce, patents/trademarks/copyrights, taxes, visas / Nice Bar
Contact: nicolas.brahin@brahin-avocats.com

ATB Law – Rambaud, Louise – 126 rue Berlioz, 06000 Nice, Tel: 04 22 13 83 39
Cell: 06 15 68 93 71
Commercial and business law, contracts, corporations, investment, taxes / Nice Bar
Contact: contact@atblaw-avocats.com


Allegrini, José – Château Saint-Henri – 123, rue Rabelais, 13016 Marseille Tel:
Commercial law, divorces, estates and criminal law Fax:
Marseille Bar
E-mail: jfallergrini@avocat-consulting.fr

Bernié, Marc & Montagnier, Chloé – 24, Cours Pierre Puget, 13006 Marseille Tel:
Maritime, civil law, banking, commercial Fax:
Marseille Bar
E-mails: marc.bernie@bmc-avocats.com  Cell:

Bottai, Sophie – 2, Rue Edouard Delanglade, 13006 Marseille Tel:
Criminal law / Marseille Bar Fax:
E-mail: s.bottai@wanadoo.fr

Cerf, Emmanuelle – 26, rue Montgrand – 13006 Marseille
Tel +33 (0)1 43 29 24 93 – Fax +33 (0)1 70 24 73 55
Criminal law, family law, immigration, marriage / divorce, visas – Paris Bar
E-mail: avocat.cerf@gmail.com

Cline, Melissa – 18, rue Francis Davos, 13001 Marseille Tel:
Automobile/accidents, civil law, damages, insurance, family law and medical law
Marseille Bar Fax:
E-mail: melissa.cline-avocat@orange.fr

Cordiez, Fabien – 4 Cours Mirabeau, 13100 Aix-en-Provence Tel:
US number: ‪(347) 746-8720‬
Real-property, Wills & Estates, Commercial/Business law, Land Registry searches and services of process.
Aix-en-Provence Bar and Law Society of England and Wales
E-mail: fc@solicitor.fr

De Blegiers, Renaud – 2, Place Sadi Carnot, 13001 Marseille Tel:
Aeronautical/maritime insurance, automobile/accidents, banking/financial, Cell:
civil law, commercial/business law, estates, intellectual property Fax:
investments, marketing agreements and transportation law
Marseille Bar
E-mail: rblegiers@r2b-avocats.com

D’Ornano, Thierry – Devine, Benjamin – 9, quai de Rive Neuve 13001 Marseille Tel:
Business Law Cell:
Marseille Bar Fax:
E-mail: t.dornano@ornanoavocats.com and b.devine@ornanoavocats.com
French and cross border litigation in commercial matters with a strong focus on sales and distribution, carriage of goods, admiralty, real estate and IP.
Marseille and New York Bars

Delviso.Avocats Law Firm – Me Gibon, Arthur
3, Quai de la Joliette, 13002 Marseille Tel:
Aeronautical/maritime insurance, banking/financial, Cell:
commercial/business law, contracts, damages, foreign investments, Fax:
insurance, marketing agreements and transportation law
Marseille bar
E-mail: arthur.gibon@avocatline.fr

Ellis, William Gerald – 16, rue Breteuil, 13001 Marseille Tel:
Business law, maritime law, international law Fax:
Marseille bar
E-mail: elliswga@aol.com

Klein, Anna – 57 cours Pierre Puget, 13006 Marseille Tel:
Civil law, commercial/business law, contracts, damages, intellectual property, marketing agreements, patents/trademarks/copyrights, data protection.
Marseille and New York bar
E-mail: ak@annaklein-avocat.com

Legier, Claire – 50, rue Rome, 13001 Marseille
Cell: 06 67 42 54 31
Child custody, family law, marriage and divorce, parental child abduction
Marseille Bar
E-mail: clairelegier.avocat@gmail.com

Mas, Séverine – 18, rue Neuve Sainte-Catherine, 13007 Marseille Tel :
International law (contracts, international private law and commerce
E.U. law (competition), patents and trademark registration
(International, European, French), as well as new technologies’ matters
(E-commerce, Software…). Member of the Euro-counsels network.
E-mail: smas@euro-counsels.com

Ranieri, Caroline – 46, rue Saint Jacques CS 80006, 13286 Marseille
Co-managing Partner at Ringlé, Roy & Associés, handling public and private real estate law, private and public construction law, co-ownership (condominiums), residential and commercial leases, neighbor disputes, and insurance law disputes, French commercial and civil matters, including French litigation.
Member of the Marseille Bar. Trains professionals, and teaches construction insurance, and private and public works law to the public and in house to companies.
E-mail: c.ranieri@rravocats.com

Peterson, William – 46, rue Saint Jacques CS 80006, 13286 Marseille
Co-managing Partner at Ringlé, Roy & Associés, handling French and International Business Law and Litigation, including arbitration and mediation: responsible for international relations. French commercial and civil matters, including French litigation (criminal, construction, real estate, family & labor law).
Member of the Marseille and California Bars, Arbitrator, Co-Chair of the International Litigation Program at the Institute of Business Law, Aix-Marseille University (http://www.ida-aixmarseille.fr) & former Co-President of the Mediterranean Anglo-American Business Network and Co-Chair of the Marseille Bar’s International Commission.
E-mail: w.peterson@rravocats.com

Phinith, Radjani – 3 rue Roux de Brignoles,13006 Marseille Tel:
Adoptions, automobile/accidents, banking/financial, civil law, commercial/business Fax:
law, child custody/protection/abduction, criminal law, estates, family law, foreign
claims/investments, immigration, insurance, marriage/divorce, mining, narcotics, theft/fraud/embezzlement, visas
Marseille and New York Bars
E-mail: rlphinith@gmail.com

Richard, Jean-Claude – 14, Rue Fortia, 13001 Marseille Tel:
Business law Fax:
Marseille Bar
E-mail: jcr-avocat@easyconnect.fr

Rosato, Olivier – 3, quai de la Joliette,13002 Marseille Tel:
Adoptions, banking, civil/commercial/criminal law, damages, foreign investments, Fax:
Immigration, insurance, intellectual property, marriage/divorce, taxes, fraud
E-mail: o.rosato.lawyer@gmail.com

Saint-Pierre, Louis – 22, Boulevard Paul Peytral, 13006 Marseille Tel:
Automobile/Accidents, civil law, criminal law (only victims), damages, insurance, Cell:
Health law / Member of Quebec and Marseille bars Fax:
Email: contact@saintpierre-avocat.fr

Sioen-Gallina, Stéphanie – 64, rue Montgrand, 13006 Marseille Tel:
Business law, intellectual property, software & new technologies law Fax:
Marseille Bar
E-mail: stephaniesioen@sioen.fr

Terrin, Isabelle – 58, rue Paradis, 13006 Marseille Tel:
Family and penal law. Fax:
Marseille Bar
E-mail: maître-terrin@orange.fr


(Southern Corsica)
Terramorsi, Robert – 63, Cours Napoléon, 20000 Ajaccio Tel:
General law practice Fax:
Bastia Bar / E-mail: robert.terramorsi@wanadoo.fr

(Northern Corsica)
Maurel, Pierre Louis – 7, Bd Général de Gaulle, 20200 Bastia Tel:
Commercial disputes and casualty cases, public affairs and business law Fax:
E-mail: plmaurel@orange.fr

Peres, Pierre-Antoine – 1, Bd de Gaulle, 20200 Bastia Tel:
Automobile/accidents, criminal law, damages, estates, government relations, Fax:
immigration, taxes, visas, other administrative law, environmental issues and
bodily harm (medical issues, etc.)
Bastia Bar / E-mail: pierre-antoine.peres@pap-avocats.com


Arnaud Blanc
429 rue de l’Industrie, 34078 Montpellier Cedex 3,
TEL : 07 53 38 23 83
Civil law, commercial/business law, contracts, corporations, estates, intellectual property, patents/trademarks/copyrights, inheritance law, consumer law.
Montpellier bar
E-mail: ab@ablanc-avocat.com

Jean-Loup Fournié
500, rue Léon Blum – CS 39021, 34965 Montpellier Cedex,
TEL : 07 66 71 00 56
Labor Relations, Social Security Laws.
Montpellier bar
E-mail: fournie.avocat@gmail.com

Olivier Mingasson – Law Firm « Les Avocats du Thélème »
Le Thélème 500, rue Léon Blum CS 39021
34965 Montpellier – Cedex 2
Offices in Montpellier and Béziers. 15 lawyers.
International and national heritage cases, commercial law, civil cases (including personal injury and liability), real estate law, insurance law, labor law, bank law, family law (divorce, child custody), corporate law, tax law, mergers and acquisitions, white collar crime, Montpellier Bar.
E-mail: mingasson@avocatsdutheleme.com


Slatkin, André – 940 Avenue Eole, 66100 Perpignan
Tel: 04 68 09 76 75
Fax: 04 68 09 42 10
Banking & financial, civil, commercial and business law, contracts, corporations, estates, foreign investments and claims, investment, taxes (international tax law)
Email: andre.slatkin@slatkin.fr

VAR (83)

Andreani, Hervé & Durand, Frédéric – 2, avenue du Dr. Jean-Jacques Perron, 83400 Hyères
General practice of lower case, civil and criminal law, certificats de coutume
Toulon bar
E-mails: andreani.avocat@gmail.com and me.durand@cegetel.net

Cabinet H. ANDREANI & V. PIN – 85 avenue Maréchal Foch – 83000 TOULON
Tel : 04 94 64 19 47 – Fax: 04 94 64 07 79 – Cell phone: 06 25 71 41 11
E-mail: Andreani.avocat@gmail.com
Automobile / accidents, child custody, child protection, civil law, commercial / business law, contracts, corporations, criminal law, estates, family law, marriage / divorce

Labrousse, Jacques – 59, avenue du Maréchal Foch, 83000 Toulon
Office and private buildings – construction law
Toulon bar
E-mail: jacques-labrousse@neuf.fr

Billet-Jaubert, Elisabeth – 223, rue Jean Jaurès, 83000 Toulon
General practice
Toulon Bar E-mail: billetjaubert-avocat@wanadoo.fr

Fatovich-Royer de Vericourt, Ariane 165, Place de la Liberté 83000 Toulon
International law, litigation, construction, real estate, property law (French servitudes), family law, estates, medical malpractice, injury, accidents, civil and criminal law, family law, insurance, estates, damages, thefts, narcotics.
Toulon Bar


Llurens-Davy, Geneviève – L’Orée de l’Isle Bât A – Avenue des Quatre Otages, 84800 Isle-Sur-Sorgue
General practice
Avignon Bar
E-mail: genevieve.llurens-davy@wanadoo.fr