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Rapport consulaire de naissance à l’étranger (CRBA)


Make your appointments after you have completed the online (for Paris) or paper application (for Marseille and Strasbourg).When using the online application, please plan to schedule your appointment for a minimum of three days (72 hours) after submission to allow payment processing to be completed.

If you are unable to find an available appointment online and you have a ticketed flight within the next three weeks, please contact the location you wish to have an interview: PassportsParis@state.govPassportsMarseille@state.gov, or USAStrasbourg@state.gov. Attach a copy of your ticket to request service.

Make your appointments after you have completed the online application. P lease plan to schedule your appointment a minimum of three days (72 hours) after the submission of the online application to allow payment processing to be completed.

Your child must be present at the interview. Both parents must be present for children under 16. If one parent cannot be present, please see the instructions on this page  under #7, “Show Parental Consent.”

You need the following for your appointment:

  • Documentation to prove Transmission of U.S. Citizenship by parents (originals and one copy)
  • Child’s original French birth certificate (copie integrale)
  • One copy and original of both parents’ valid Government-issued Photo ID
  • Marriage certificate (copy and original), if applicable
  • Proof of divorce(s) (copy and original), if applicable
  • Prior Report of Birth Abroad for another child from same family (copy and original), if applicable
  • If the applicant (even if an infant) does not have a U.S. Social Security Number, please complete and submit this form with the passport application.
      • A  self-addressed, prepaid envelope for passport return, with capacity for 500g for each applicant, specifically:
        • A  Colissimo (“pret-a-envoyer”) or Chronopost (“pret-a-expedier”). One applicant can use the 1 kg (the smallest available) envelope and multiple applicants can use the same envelope, as long as you allow for  500g per applicant.  Ex., Two applicants could be returned together in the 1 kg envelope, four applicants in the 2 kg envelope, etc.
        • NOTE: Applicants outside of Metropolitan France and Monaco should use a Chronopost “Monde et Outre-Mer” envelope.
        • Applicants for a Consular Report of Birth Abroad may use the same 500g envelope for both the passport and the CRBA.