France COVID-19 FAQs

France – COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions



Contact Emergency Services if you need them. Have a plan in advance.  

  • If you have recently tested positive or are experiencing symptoms, know how to contact emergency medical services in France should you need them. Should you need emergency medical care, dial 112 from anywhere in Europe. 114 is available by text message for the deaf or hard of hearing. Refer here for additional information on emergency services in France.
  • If you have not begun your trip to France, please refer to the State Department’s travel advisory for France and key information from the CDC for Travelers to France. If you must travel to France, please consider travel insurance, and develop a healthcare and financial plan for if you must remain in France longer than initially planned. Additional information about travel to France is available on our Covid 19 page and the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.

I’ve tested Positive for COVID but am asymptomatic or do not otherwise need emergency medical care. I am supposed to fly to the U.S. now. What do I do?

Timing and Mobility

French Public Health and U.S. CDC requirements will require that you stay put for now.  When you’re done isolating, you will need a negative test or a certificate of recovery from a licensed healthcare provider to travel again.

  • People who test positive for COVID-19 should self-isolate and delay their travel if symptoms develop or a pre-departure test result is positive until they have recovered from COVID-19.
  • French authorities require people who test positive for COVID-19 to self-isolate for 7 days (if fully vaccinated) or 10 days (if partially vaccinated or unvaccinated), and alert those with whom you have been in contact. Please refer to this link for instructions from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • French guidelines indicate that you should seek help from friends, family, or delivery services to obtain necessary food or medicine. You may leave your place of stay to obtain medical care.
  • Once you have a plan for any necessary medical care, we recommend contacting your airline to change your travel plan.

Healthcare and Clearance to Travel

  • Should you need non-emergency medical care, a list of English-speaking doctors in France is available here. We encourage you to also contact any healthcare provider you may have in the U.S.
  • Note that options for private, non-emergency urgent care are not as extensive in France as they are in the U.S.  You may also want to consider telehealth options for non-emergencies.
  • Airlines are the final determiner of who can board. Please contact your airline to confirm that you have what is necessary to board a flight when the time comes.

Funding and Housing

Depending on your circumstances, this may present an extreme financial burden. If you did not purchase specific travel insurance for your trip, consider looking into any travel insurance benefits associated with credit card accounts you may already have. Reach out to family and friends that may be able to assist financially.

Notify the Embassy

The Embassy is tracking rates of COVID amongst Americans in France. We would appreciate you e-mailing us at to let us know about your situation.