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Thank you for your interest in employment with the U.S. Mission in France. To view a current list of all available positions at the U.S. Mission in France and to apply online, please visit our ERA site. All applications must be submitted through Electronic Recruitment Application (ERA) with appropriate attachments to be considered.

ERA is a new electronic applicant management system. Please consult the video in the sidebar to learn how to create a new account and apply.

Who May Apply

Open to: All Interested Candidates – Anyone with E.U. Citizenship, Permanent Residency or Work Permit may apply.

Open to: Current Employees of the Mission – Anyone who is currently employed by the U.S. Tri-Mission in  France may apply.

Open to: USEFMs only – Only U.S. Citizen Eligible Family Members may apply. USEFMs may also apply to the above “Open to” categories.

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