Lea Gilmore and Marc Borms: “Soul of a People or History of African American Music and Civil Rights”

Lea Gilmore with students in Strasbourg
Lea Gilmore with students in Strasbourg

In honor of the April jazz month, ConGen Strasbourg welcomed a blues, gospel and jazz singing civil rights activist Lea Gilmore to Strasbourg and Metz for three conference-concerts entitled “Soul of A People.”  Ms. Gilmore and her pianist Marc Borms spoke and sang on the history of African American music; civil and human rights; and women’s rights, and their role in blues, gospel and jazz.

Ms. Gilmore travels around the world lecturing about the history of African American music, civil and human rights, and women’s rights and their role in blues and gospel music. She has held several important posts in the field of civil rights and has testified before comities at local, state and federal levels on issues related to immigration, civil rights and the liberties of women of color. Ms. Gilmore also supports the cause of leprosy and TB in third world countries in Africa.

Ms. Gilmore visited a women’s shelter in Metz talking to some 40 inhabitants, and performed at an old monastery in Metz in front of a large audience composed of local representatives, associations and youth.  Consulate General Strasbourg also organized a town hall with youth conference with Ms. Gilmore to 140 high school and middle school students and their teachers at the Modern Arts Museum in Strasbourg.  Finally, Ms. Gilmore and Mr. Borms performed at the Saint Pierre le Vieux church in Strasbourg in front of a large audience.

The Consulate General would like to extend a warm thank you to Ms. Lea Gilmore and her pianist Marc Borms for heartwarming two days.  We would also like to thank our local partners for a wonderful musical and instructive moment together.