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Office of Defense Cooperation

Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC)

Welcome to the home page of the Office of Defense Cooperation (ODC) France.  ODC France is subordinate to Headquarters European Command and is an integral part of the American Embassy in Paris.

The mission of ODC France is to provide a bridge between US and French militaries and defense sectors in order to enhance partnerships, maintain close cooperation and increase interoperability between our nations and within NATO.

ODC achieves this mission by:

  • Supporting the U.S. European Command (EUCOM J-5), the Ambassador, and the Office of the Secretary of Defense;
  • Representing U.S. defense interests in France through security assistance, cooperative armament programs and direct commercial sales;
  • Assisting U.S. government and industry in cooperative armaments Research & Development efforts;
  • Identifying off-the-shelf equipment or developments that may satisfy U.S. operational requirements;
  • Increasing standardization and interoperability of weapons and munitions;
  • Facilitating U.S. government and industry participation in international trade shows;
  • Ensuring U.S. technology security through end-use monitoring procedures.

ODC Contact

Colonel Michael McCullough, USA, ODC Chief, Director Joint and Army Affairs
Lt Col Chris Gamble, USAF, Director of Air Force Affairs
CDR Beata Gonzales, USN, Director of Naval Affairs
Ms. Therese Pawlowski, FMS Training and Admin Officer
Mr. Gilles Spencer Roserens, End-User Monitor, Customs and Security Officer

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