Key Officers

  • Ambassador: Jamie D. McCourt
  • Deputy Chief of Mission Brian Aggeler
  • Minister Counselor for Management: Keith Heffern
  • Minister Counselor for Agricultural Affairs: Kate Snipes
  • Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs: Steve Alley
  • Minister Counselor for Consular Affairs/Consul General: Robert Hannan
  • Minister Counselor for Economic-Environment, Science, Technology and Health Affairs: Jessica Webster
  • Department of Energy Attaché: Anne Phillips
  • Acting Minister Counselor for Political Affairs: Gabrielle Cowan
  • Minister Counselor for Public Affairs: Angela P. Aggeler
  • Defense Attaché: Colonel Allen Pepper
  • Office of Defense Cooperation: Colonel John F. Ellis, Chief ODC, Director Joint and Army Affairs
  • NASA European Representative, Space Attaché: Tim Tawney
  • Consulate General Marseille: Simon R. Hankinson
  • Consulate General Strasbourg: Kara C. McDonald
  • APP Bordeaux: Alexander Lipscomb
  • APP Lyon: Christopher Crawford
  • APP Rennes: James Du Vernay

U.S. Mission to O.E.C.D: Chargé d’Affaires Andrew Haviland