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Renewing a 10-Year Adult Passport (By Mail)
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Renewing Your 10-Year Passport (by mail)

STEP 1: Complete and print online form DS-82. You must SIGN the completed form DS-82 before mailing your application.

Has your name changed? Please follow the instructions and links provided here.

If you never had a U.S. Social Security Number, fill out and submit this form. If you do not remember your U.S. Social Security Number, please email the Federal Benefits Unit before applying for the passport.

STEP 2: Photographs – The Embassy will reject any photographs that do not meet the specified requirements.

STEP 3: Your most recent U.S. passport 

STEP 4: Pay the $130 passport application fee via the U.S. government’s secure payment site. You must print the electronic confirmation you receive via e-mail after successfully paying the fee and include it in the package you send to the embassy.

STEP 5: self-addressed, prepaid envelope for passport return, with capacity for 500g for each applicant, specifically:

    • Please make sure to keep your envelope tracking number.  A Colissimo (“prêt-à-envoyer”) or Chronopost (“prêt-à-expédier”). One applicant can use the 1 kg (the smallest available) envelope and multiple applicants can use the same envelope, as long as you allow for 500g per applicant.  Ex., Two applicants could be returned together in the 1 kg envelope, four applicants in the 2 kg envelope, etc.

STEP 6: Send your Application

Please send your passport application, your passport, self-addressed prepaid envelope, photos, and additional proof of ID and citizenship (if applicable) to the following address:

US Embassy, Attn: Passport Unit
4 Avenue Gabriel

75008 Paris

Failure to submit a complete and correct application will delay your case.

Processing Time

Upon receiving a complete application the processing time for a passport is 4-6 weeks.


Entering the U.S.

According to Section 215 of the U.S. Immigration and Nationality Act (8 U.S.C. 1185), it is illegal for an American citizen to enter or leave the U.S. on anything other than an American passport.

This applies to dual citizens as well, meaning that persons holding e.g. both French and American citizenship and passports must enter and leave the U.S. on a U.S. passport. They may not enter/leave the U.S. on a foreign passport. This applies to children as well as adults.

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