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Public Affairs Section

The Public Affairs Section of the Embassy explains and advocates American policy and works to promote mutual understanding between French and American societies. The Public Affairs Section acts as a focal point for media, think tanks, and academic and cultural institutions, and advises the Embassy on public diplomacy issues. The Section’s two offices, the Press and Information Office and the Culture and Education Office, are directed by the Mission’s Minister Counselor for Communication and Cultural Affairs. They work together to strengthen the French-American relationship.

Press and Information Office

The Press and Information Office is headed by the Embassy Spokesperson. The Office works closely with French and international media to provide authoritative information on U.S. government policies. It facilitates media exchanges and visits to the United States and provides information to the media via press conferences, interviews, press releases and other forms of communication. It also administers the Information Resource Center, the Embassy’s public Internet site and the social media.

Culture and Education Office

The Culture and Education Office is headed by the Embassy’s Cultural Affairs Officer. The Office provides French audiences with an understanding of U.S. foreign policy and its context through seminars, conferences, and American speakers. The Office also offers programs that present a fuller picture of American society, its values and beliefs. It manages U.S. government-administered professional and educational exchange programs, including the Fulbright Scholarships. It also encourages U.S.-French non-governmental institutional linkages and promotes American arts and literature in France.