Samuel Grzybowski Recipient of the 2016 Emerging Young Leaders Award

Samuel Grzybowski avec Rick Stengel et Evan Ryan à la remise des diplômes au Département d'Etat

On April 20, 2016 Assistant Secretary for Educational and Cultural Affairs Evan Ryan and Under Secretary for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs Richard Stengel honored a group of extraordinary young leaders with the Emerging Young Leaders Award. These inspiring youth from around the world were recognized for their tireless efforts to promote positive social change in their communities. Among other achievements, this year’s inaugural group has been instrumental in creating safe and positive environments for at-risk youth, helped to spearhead inter-ethnic and inter-faith dialogue and reconciliation, and promote democratic transition in their home countries.

Congratulations to Samuel and his engagement with “Coexister”. “Coexister” is a neutral French youth movement that has been advocating Active Coexistence through a method of peer education aimed at 15-35 year-old people since 2009. Young people from all walks of faith and belief, believers and non-believers alike, are members of our organization. Youth is both the fuel and the engine of our movement, providing opportunities for those who want to act now and not wait to become an adult.

“Coexister” is a social start-up that uses economic efficiency to raise funds to train people within its local groups. But it is also a non-profit association based on participatory democracy in which everyone can express their ideas, their opinions and their projects. “Coexister” is also a great network: InterFaith Tour (around the world), Festiv’All Together (for culture), Convivencia Consulting (for companies), etc.