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Franco-American Associations Rennes: Other Areas of France

The Embassy publishes this list as a convenient reference for interested groups and individuals. It is not an exhaustive compilation, but includes groups and organizations known to the Embassy through its deal-ings with the American community. Organizations not on this list and who consider themselves to be active in American community life in Paris are cordially invited to make their interests known to the Embassy. If errors have occurred in this list, they will be corrected in the next edition. This file is updated triennially. Each organization should bring any errors to the Embassy’s attention, as well as any changes in names, addresses, telephone numbers and basic information. All corrections and changes should be sent to: American Embassy, American Citizen Services, 4, avenue Gabriel, 75382 Paris Cedex 08 or send an E-mail to CitizeninfoMarseille@state.gov.

Other Areas in France
American Presence Post Bordeaux
89, Quai des Chartrons
33300 Bordeaux
E-mail: usabordeaux@state.gov

Amicale des Anciens Employés des Bases Alliées
En France, La Rochelle
74, route du Silo, ZA de Croix Fort, 17220 Saint Médard d’Aunis
Vice President Claude Vazzoler

Association Bordeaux−USA
38, allée d’Orleans, 33000 Bordeaux
Tel: 05 48 18 77 61
Fax: 05 56 51 71 39
President: Alex Rychlewski
E-mail: aquitrad@aquitaine-traduction.com

Association Girondine Louisianaise Francophone
20, chemin de la Brande, 33750 Croignon
Tel/Fax: 05 56 30 10 23
President Marie-Claude Auriac – E-mail: gironde-louisiane@wanadoo.fr

Association Sportive des Kangourous de Pessac (American Football Team)
Château de Bellagrave, avenue du Colonel Jacqui, 33600 Pessac
Tel.: 06 12 60 61 42
Fax: 05 57 93 00 03
President: Jacques Rouaud

Bordeaux-Los Angeles Association
38, allée d’Orleans, 33000 Bordeaux
Tel: 05 56 51 37 61
The Association Bordeaux-Los Angeles has as its objective to establish and develop cultural and commercial relations between Aquitaine and California, and in particular between the sister cities Bordeaux and Los Angeles.

Bordeaux Women’s Club
12, rue des Perdrix, 33600 Pessac
Tel: 05 56 36 06 50
E-mail: contact@bordeauxwomensclub.org
The Bordeaux Women’s Club (BWC) was created at the end of World War II by American military wives living in France. In 1984, the BWC became an official non-profit association, and today is a very diverse American-led group. Geared to the international English-speaking community of Bordeaux, the identifying aspect of the BWC membership is its composition of similarly situated women who have experienced direct cross-cultural transition. By being able to provide a natural atmosphere of open receptivity, the BWC’s mission statement is to help ease the challenges and difficulties associated with new, or renewed, cultural transitions while integrating into French – and Bordeaux – life and culture. Striving to fill the void for those with no other recourse, it is through a wide variety of shared social and cultural activities, that the BWC is an active connection point for the culturally mobile. The BWC is a very dynamic, rapidly expanding group. Alongside the very popular Monthly Luncheon, there is a wide range of numerous activities throughout the season and an informative Monthly Newsletter.

Centre d’etudes de l’Universite de Californie
Tel: 05 57 12 44 88
Fax: 05 57 12 45 30
Université de Bordeaux, 3, Michel de Montaigne, Bat E, 33607 Pessac cedex.
Director Professor William Chandler
E-mail: centre.californie@u-bordeaux3.fr

Le Club Franco-Américain de Bordeaux
Tel: +33(0) 5 56 48 18 77
38, allées d’Orléans
33000 Bordeaux
President: Mr. Alex Rychlewski

France Etats-Unis Cote Basque
96, avenue des Dunes, 64600 Anglet
Tel: 06 70 43 23 77
President: Danie Canton / E-mail: daniecb@wanadoo.fr

France Etats-Unis Gironde
Tel: 05 56 48 55 44

Automobile Club du Sud-Ouest
8, place des Quinconces, 33000 Bordeaux
Fax: 05 56 52 29 14
President: Mathieu-Bernard Le Royer, eail: mbleroyer@yahoo.fr

France Etats-Unis La Rochelle
8, rue Georges Morvan, 17000 La Rochelle
Tel: 05 46 45 47 61
President: Philippe Luquet , email: p-luquet@wanadoo.fr

France Etats-Unis Limousin
5, rue Raspail, 87100 Limoges
Tel/Fax: 05 55 32 05 42
President: Isabelle Feyssat, e-mail: isabellefusa@yahoo.fr

Lafayette Club Arcachon
Tel: 06 81 44 54 83

Maison des Associations
51 cours Tartas 33120 Arcachon
President Colette Sexauer / E-mail: lafayetteclub.arcachon@voila.fr

Landes−Pays Basque International Women’s Club
40350 Labenne
Tel: 05 59 45 60 25
Tel: 06 12 49 65 32
Presidente: Mrs. Pamela Bas / E-mail: pamelannbas@yahoo.fr

Pau−Wright Aviation
Tel/Fax: 05 59 27 54 50
Espace Wilbur & Orville Wright, Palais Beaumont, 64000 Pau
President: Carroll d’Arcimoles / E-mail: carrollmarie@compuserve.com

American Chamber of Commerce in France 

France North Chapter−Lille
World Trade Center, 299, boulevard de Leeds, 59777 Lille
Tel: 06 16 78 35 63
E-mail: pmitaux@fedex.com

American Club of Lille
Tel: 03 62 57 61 93
La Maison des Associations, 72-74, rue Royale, 59000 Lille
Contact: Dawne Whatley, email: info@americanclublille.org
The American Club of Lille (ACL) is an English-speaking non profit association created in 1991 under the French law of 1901. ACL members include Americans and people fond of American culture. They share their common cultural background by gathering for US national holidays, cultural events, and in small groups around similar centers of interest. Through an active online exchange, ACL members also help American newcomers in the difficult transitioning of adjusting to a foreign culture.

Association Franco-Americaine De L’Aisne
9, route d’Anizy, 02000 Chaillevois
Tel: 03 23 21 65 79
E-mail: aFaa@laonnois.com

Commemo Rangers
17, Rue Vaucelette, 59400 Cambrai
Fax: 03 27 81 49 15
E-mail: commemo.rangers@planetis.com

France Etats-Unis
Tel: 03 22 82 23 61
Fax: 03 22 82 24 61
Amiens School of Management, 18, place Saint-Michel, 80038 Amiens cedex 1

Franco-American Club of Lambersart
Tel: 03 20 92 41 96
59, rue Henri de Moraes, 59130 Lambersart

GI’S Memory
1, Rue d’en Bas, 02420 Villeret
E-mail: gismemory@wanadoo.fr

“Les Parrains De La Memoire”
Tel: 03 23 67 77 64

France Remembrance Association
20, rue Gabriel Fauré, 02100 Saint Quentin
E-mail: Macdirson@free.fr

Mc Cormick Foundation
European Branch, 99, Rue Aristide Briand, 62100 Calais
Tel: 06 12 98 33 47
Fax: 03 21 34 60 40
E-mail: fcastier@firstdivisionmuseum.org

Musée National de la Coopération Franco-américaine
Tel: 03 23 39 60 16

Château de Blérancourt
Fax: 03 23 39 62 85
02300 Blérancourt
E-mail: musee.blerancourt@culture.gouv.fr

American Club of Lyon
Tel: 06 67 43 20 81
B.P. 2060, 69226 Lyon cedex 02
Formally created in 1987, the American Club of Lyon is a non-profit organization. The Club is open to American citizens, their spouses and children. Other nationalities that have lived in the U.S for a period of 2 years or work for an American company may apply for membership. Fluency in English is a requirement for membership. The purpose of the Club is to draw American expatriates together to share a common cultural background and to provide a network of assistance for newcomers in France.

Cercle d’étude et d’amitié France USA
109, Rue Bernard Maitre, 63110 Beaumont
Contact Bernard Caillot: E-mail: Bcaillot@aol.com
The rationale of the Cercle d’Etude et d’Amitié France USA is to help promote both friendship and understanding between the French and American peoples, as well as to review and publicize research on history, literature, science and the environment, in order to define and/or clarify the views of these two countries.

France-Amerique Vichy
11, rue des Jonquilles, 03200 Vichy

France-Ameriques Rhone Alpes
69379 Lyon cedex 08
Tel: 04 78 46 27 77 37, rue St-Romain
Président Jules Traeger; Secrétaire Général Gilberte Martin Merck-Santé

France Etats-Unis Grenoble
France Etats-Unis is an apolitical, private and independent French association: it was established in 1945 under the patronage of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and of the US Embassy in France. The objectives of the association are to contribute in making the two people better acquainted and to improve their mutual understanding, more particularly between French and American citizens living in the area of Grenoble.

France-Louisiane (Bourgogne, Haute-Loire/Cantal, and Isère/Rhône)

France-USA Drome Ardeche
Tel/Fax: 04 75 59 30 02
Rue Jean Malosse, 26120 Montmeyran
Contact: Laurence Espic

France-USA Lyon
France-USA has many members, individuals as well as families, who sincerely enjoy maintaining contact with Americans, either because they have lived or studied or worked in the United States or because they simply appreciate the rich diversity and openness of American people. We organize special events from time to time, such as the recent dinner in honor of the New York City firemen who visited Lyon in March 2002 and the election night discussions and debates of November 2000. We also organize regular activities, such as French-American dinners in local restaurants and we keep you informed about cultural events, and we organize monthly French-English conversation groups. Every year we plan our annual Thanksgiving dinner in November and a Super Bowl party in January.

Association Alsace-Etats-Unis
B.P. 151 R4, 67004 Strasbourg Cedex

Association Alsace – Etats-Unis – Section Haut-Rhin
c/o M.J.C. – 17, rue Schlumberger – 68000 Colmar

The English Speaking Community (ESC)
22 rue des Carolingiens, 67200 Strasbourg

Americans in Alsace
Americans in Alsace – B.P. 60169, 67004 Strasbourg Cedex
E-mail: web@americansinalsace.com

Association France-Etats-Unis− Lorraine
c/o Hôtel de Ville, Place d’Armes, 57000 Metz

Association France-Etats-Unis, Lorraine
c/o NOVOTEL, 57500 Saint-Avold

Association Franche-Comte – Virginie
Tel/Fax: 03 81 81 29 66 16
rue Ernest Renan, 25000 Besancson
Coordinator: Louisa Dixo, e-mail: Ldixon1@compuserve.com

Association des Amis de la Bibliothèque Americaine de Nancy (A.B.A.N.)
34, cours Léopold, 54000 Nancy
Tel: 03 88 17 67 58
Tel: 03 87 80 51 15

Lorraine Etats-Unis
10, rue de la Liberté
Jacqueline Nieser, President. E-mail: lorraine.usa@orange.fr
This Association has its seat at the City Hall of METZ and was founded in 1981. It is a non-profit volunteer organization the aim of which is to maintain and develop ties between people from the Lorraine Region and other Associations with American people, companies or any one interested. It is organizing cultural events, commemorating the Memorial Day, the Liberation of Metz -the city in which Gilbert de La Fayette decided to free America and other places, and it has a weekly English conversation circle.