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Franco-American Associations in the Strasbourg-Metz Area

Association Alsace-Etats-Unis
B.P. 151 R4, 67004 Strasbourg Cedex

Association Alsace – Etats-Unis – Section Haut-Rhin
c/o M.J.C. – 17, rue Schlumberger – 68000 Colmar

The English Speaking Community (ESC)
22 rue des Carolingiens, 67200 Strasbourg

Americans in Alsace
Americans in Alsace – B.P. 60169, 67004 Strasbourg Cedex
E-mail: web@americansinalsace.com

Association France-Etats-Unis− Lorraine
c/o Hôtel de Ville, Place d’Armes, 57000 Metz

Association France-Etats-Unis, Lorraine
c/o NOVOTEL, 57500 Saint-Avold

Association Franche-Comte – Virginie
Tel/Fax: 03 81 81 29 66 16
rue Ernest Renan, 25000 Besancson
Coordinator: Louisa Dixo, e-mail: Ldixon1@compuserve.com

Association des Amis de la Bibliothèque Americaine de Nancy (A.B.A.N.)
34, cours Léopold, 54000 Nancy
Tel: 03 88 17 67 58
Tel: 03 87 80 51 15

Lorraine Etats-Unis
10, rue de la Liberté
Jacqueline Nieser, President. E-mail: lorraine.usa@orange.fr
This Association has its seat at the City Hall of METZ and was founded in 1981. It is a non-profit volunteer organization the aim of which is to maintain and develop ties between people from the Lorraine Region and other Associations with American people, companies or any one interested. It is organizing cultural events, commemorating the Memorial Day, the Liberation of Metz -the city in which Gilbert de La Fayette decided to free America and other places, and it has a weekly English conversation circle.