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Franco-U.S. Organizations Near Paris

The Embassy publishes this list as a convenient reference for interested groups and individuals. It is not an exhaustive compilation, but includes groups and organizations known to the Embassy through its deal-ings with the American community. Organizations not on this list and who consider themselves to be active in American community life in Paris are cordially invited to make their interests known to the Embassy. If errors have occurred in this list, they will be corrected in the next edition. This file is updated triennially. Each organization should bring any errors to the Embassy’s attention, as well as any changes in names, addresses, telephone numbers and basic information. All corrections and changes should be sent to: American Embassy, American Citizen Services, 4, avenue Gabriel, 75382 Paris Cedex 08 or send an E-mail to CitizeninfoMarseille@state.gov.

Ivry sur Seine
Message Mother Support Group
24, rue Saint Juste, 94200 Ivry sur Seine
Tel: 01 58 60 00 53 (9 am to 4 pm, weekdays)
E-mail: info@messageParis.org
MESSAGE is an organization of 1200+ English-speaking families and parents-to-be living in and around Paris. All nationalities are welcome to join; and Dads too! MESSAGE provides a network of contacts, support and information on pregnancy, childbirth and a wide range of child-related queries. Activities include events for expectant parents and children from newborn – Primary School age; family outings; meetings of parents of adolescents and working moms; and speaker events covering such topics as bilingualism, workplace issues and pre/post-natal fitness. MESSAGE members also enjoy the quarterly magazine and a website rich in parenting resources and online discussion forums offering parent-to-parent support. The MESSAGE publication: ABCs of Parenting in Paris (5th edition), the essential guide to thrive and survive as a family in Paris, was published in May 2006.

Neuilly sur Seine Cedex
American Hospital of Paris
63, Boulevard. Victor Hugo, 92202 Neuilly sur Seine
Tel: 01 46 41 25 25
Fax: 01 46 24 49 38
A private, not-for-profit institution, it is the only hospital in Europe that has been recognized as conforming to the standards of the American Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations. The majority of treatment and administrative staff are bilingual. The Emergency Room is open 24 hours/day, 365 days/year for medical, surgical and dental emergencies.

Franco American Foch Foundation
Tel: 01 45 06 29 24
Fax: 01 46 97 04 39 40
Pavillon Balsan, rue Worth 92151 Suresnes
The Foch Foundation is a private, non-profit Franco-American organization, chartered to run a large private hospital founded by American and French donators and still managed by directors of both nationalities. Hôpital Foch is one of the premier private medical institutions in France with a 550-bed capacity, maintaining the standards of excellence which have insured its international reputation.

Hôpital Foch
Tel: 01 46 25 25 25
Fax: 01 46 25 28 55 40
Pavillon Balsan, rue Worth 92151 Suresnes
Founded in 1929, Hôpital Foch is located in Suresnes, overlooking Bois de Boulogne, and is easy to reach by tram, train or bus, with large car-parking facilities in extension. It belongs to the Franco-American Foch Foundation, both are private, non-profit. Being part of the French public Health-care service, it is fully accredited for adult medical and surgical treatment with emergency facilities open day/night and a permanent staff of over 300 medical doctors. In 2011 it will inaugurate a building of 22 000 m2 for its technical equipment and its well-known maternity. Bilingual staff.