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Assistance for Victims of Crimes in France

Assistance for Victims of Crimes in France

U.S. citizens who are victims of a crime overseas may suffer from physical injuries, as well as emotional or financial damages.  Circumstances can be even more difficult to navigate because the victim may find himself/herself in unfamiliar surroundings, and may not know the local language or customs.  The American Citizen Services offices at the U.S. Embassy in Paris and Consulate General in Marseille and Strasbourg can assist you in accessing the local criminal justice system and resources for crime victims in France.

If You Are the Victim of a Crime in France:

  1. Contact the local police and get immediate help. Dial 112 (English-speaking European emergency number).
  2. Seek Medical attention. Dial 112 (English-speaking).
  3. Notify the U.S. Embassy

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