Documents We Do Not Notarize

Documents and services that the U.S. Embassy and Consulates do NOT provide: Documents We Do Not Notarize  

Only certain documents for use in the United States and documents for use in France can be notarized at the Embassy and Consulates.  If you have a question about your document, please send us an email.

Please do not schedule an appointment to obtain these documents since your appointment will be cancelled.

You may refer to the drop-down menu for information on obtaining these documents.


We regret to inform you that the Embassy does not have the authority to affix the Apostille to your public documents whether they are issued in the U.S. or France.  The Apostille officially authenticates the signature and seal of the public document.  Please do not schedule an appointment for this.

  • If the documents are issued in the U.S., consult the following website link (PDF – 123 kb). The Secretary of State in the state that issued the document is authorized to affix the Apostille on the public documents, i.e. death/birth/marriage certificate, divorce decree).
  • If the documents are issued in France, consult the following website link (PDF – 86 KB) .  The competent Court of Appeals in France will affix the Apostille on the French public documents.

We regret to inform you that the embassy cannot provide the attestation de concordance. We can, however, notarize a Sworn Statement under oath concerning the differences in your name as they appear on the passports. You may write your explanation in French or English.

Sworn Statement document (PDF – 491K)  that you can complete and bring to the embassy. Please do NOT sign this form. It will be certified by a consul acting as notary public. We can attach all the relevant documents to this form, i.e. copies of the passport and birth certificate, so please bring these photocopies with you.

If you choose to complete the Sworn Statement  schedule your online appointment here.

We regret to advise you that the embassy’s notarial unit cannot provide the service your require.   Please do not schedule an appointment for this.

Please contact the issuing educational institution. More information is available on the U.S.State Department’s website pages.

For a list of certified translators and interpreters, please visit this website page.

The I-9 form is the responsibility of an individual’s employer.  By completing the form a vice consul would be acting as the employer’s authorized representative, which by regulation a vice consul is not authorized to do.

Our understanding is that since the I-9 is not required for those who will not be working in U.S. soil, the employee should be able to turn in the form when he/she is in the US.   The employee is responsible for turning in the form with his/her part completed on the first day on the job.  Then the company has three days to complete the rest of the form.

Unfortunately the Embassy’s notarial unit cannot notarize any document that requires Medallion Signature Guarantees.

By law, a consular official may not execute, amend or change a medallion signature guarantee form, even when the financial institution says they will accept a simple certification or acknowledgment.

For more information on Medallion Signature Guarantees, please visit the Securities and Exchange Commission’s website.

Since offices of the federal government (U.S. Embassies) do not keep copies of U.S. certificates, files, or indexes with identifying information for vital records, we regret to advise you that the embassy’s notarial unit cannot provide the service you require.  Please do not schedule an appointment for this service.

In order to obtain any state government issued document concerning birth, death, marriage or divorce, you may order one from the website of the National Center for Health Statistics.

If you need information on certifying your certificate(s) for use in the U.S., please read our information on obtaining an apostille (PDF 123 KB)