U.S. Consular Services Days in Rennes, Lyon and Bordeaux

The U.S. Embassy in Paris, in collaboration with the American Presence Posts in Rennes, Lyon and Bordeaux, is pleased to announce the provision of off-site consular services in:

    • Rennes on November 04, 2019
    • Lyon on November 08, 2019
    • Bordeaux on November 22, 2019
  1. Who qualifies for an appointment?
    • If you have a 5-year-passport (minor or first-time adult application)
    • If you are no longer in possession of your prior passport
    • If your passport expired more than 15 years ago
    • If you wish to report the birth abroad of a child to a U.S. citizen
    • If you wish to have a document notarized
  2. How to schedule an appointment?  To request an appointment, please copy and paste the chart below:
Type of service:
Passport Renewal
Report of Birth Abroad Notarial
Applicant(s) full name(s)
First and LAST NAME(S)
Age Email







You will receive a pre-confirmation Email, including the appointment time and specific instructions for the service requested.  You will be asked to submit all of the required documents and payment ahead of your appointment.