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Family-Based and Employment-Based Immigration (I-130 petition)
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Family-Based and Employment-Based Immigration (I-130 petition)

I-130 Immigrant Visa Petitions are filed through U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Only in exceptional circumstances may U.S. citizens residing in France file directly through the U.S. Embassy Paris. More information on the immigrant visa process for spouses and children of U.S. citizens residing in France.

After filing an I-130 petition through USCIS on behalf of a family member, follow the steps below for the immigrant visa interview:

  • Wait to receive an interview date notification from the National Visa Center (NVC).  Follow the instructions carefully.
  • Register your Immigrant Visa appointment as soon as possible after interview date notification is received.
  • Assemble the required documents. Schedule a medical examination with the Embassy-approved physician in ParisLisbon, or Ponta Delgada.  All visa applicants, regardless of age, require a medical examination.
    • Portuguese applicants, your medical results will be given to you in a sealed envelope.
    • French applicants, depending on the type of your visa and the date your petition was submitted and approved, your medical exam results will either be given to you in a sealed envelope or they will be sent to the embassy electronically via the electronic healthcase system – eMedical. At this time, eMedical does not apply to Diversity, Fiancé (K), or non-immigrant visas applicants.
    • Opened medical exam results are invalidated and a new exam will be required at your expense. This does not apply to eMedical exams.
    • Medical exams from a doctor other than a designated panel physician will not be accepted.
    • Due to the multi-stage process of eMedical, if your exam date is very close to your interview date, the results of your exam may not have arrived at the embassy prior to your interview. This will not affect your ability to have your interview.
  • Appear for your interview appointment at the Embassy. See prohibited items and security information.
  • If issued, the Embassy will ship the visa and documents to you in approximately 7-10 business days. For residents of France shipment will be via TNT. Portugal/Azores residents must provide a Chronopost envelope, 2 Kg format 25x36cm for Union Europeen international delivery. Chronopost envelopes are only available from the French post office La Poste. Visas are not available for pickup on the day of the interview.
  • If not issued, the Consular Officer will provide you with further information.