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Medical Appointment Information – Paris

Prior to visa approval, each applicant for an immigrant visa must undergo a medical examination by an approved physician. Visa applicants are responsible for arranging an examination by one of the approved physicians before the scheduled visa interview. The U.S. Embassy in Paris maintains a panel of two approved physicians who speak English and French:

Dr. Francis SLATTERY (Mr.)
10 Avenue d’Eylau
75116 Paris
Appointments can be booked on-line via DOCTOLIB or by telephoning his office at 01 47 42 02 34. All information regarding the medical examination can be found on his website https://us-immigration-medical-paris.10eylau.com

Dr. Gunita JOLLY (Mrs.)
7 rue de la Pompe
75116 Paris
All information regarding medical examinations and booking for Dr. Jolly should be done on her website at www.english-doctor-paris.com
Tel: 01 45 24 69 50 (from outside France: +33 1 45 24 69 50) Email:  jollyvisa@cabinetdelamuette.com.

An immigrant visa WILL NOT be issued until the U.S. consul has reviewed the results of the medical examination for each applicant.

Depending on your type of immigrant visa and when your petition was submitted and approved, your medical exam results will be compiled and sent to the U.S. Embassy Paris via the electronic medical record system – eMedical. There is nothing additional that you must do to initiate this process as your electronic medical file will open automatically when you complete your form DS 260 (CEAC) in preparation for your interview. Older immigrant visa petitions will continue to use the paper copy of medical exam.

At this time, eMedical does not apply to Diversity, Fiancé (K), or non-immigrant visa applicants. Please carefully review the list of required CDC vaccines. No medical report will be released until all vaccination requirements are met. Vaccinations should be done before the medical and an up-to-date vaccination record should be presented to the doctor on the day of the medical examination.

Each panel physician charges the same fixed fee. The total fee for adults is EURO 460. This fee covers the clinical examination, a chest X-ray, and required blood tests. The fee for children under the age of 15 is EURO 280. Children are not required to undergo X-rays or blood tests.

Applicants should discuss methods of payment with the physician at the time they schedule their appointment. It is our understanding that the costs of immigrant medical examinations are not paid by the French social security system.