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E-2 Visa Renewals
Treaty Trader (E-1), Treaty Investor (E-2) Visas

Required Format for E-2 Visa Applications

Employees who are working for the same company through which they were originally issued the E-2 visa can submit a truncated application, as detailed below.

Applications must be sent as .PDF files, divided into sections clearly indicated by lettered or numbered tabs. You must restrict your application to 50 standard sized pages of information (excluding Tabs A-C and G-28).  If you believe additional documents are required to support your application, you can bring them to the interview. Please note that, as a general rule, children under 14 do not need to come to the Embassy.

Tab A For principal applicant(s) and dependent family member(s): DS-160 confirmation page, generated by the online system, with a suitable photo.
Tab B For principal applicant(s) and dependent family member(s): Photocopy of data (photo) page of passport (DO NOT SEND ANY PASSPORTS BY MAIL), copies of birth and marriage certificates if the dependents are new applicants rather than renewals.
Tab C E-2 investor applicant(s) and all E-2 dependent family member(s) do not need to submit form DS-156E.  In lieu of form DS-156E, E-2 investor applicants must accurately complete the “E Visa” segment of form DS-160.

For E-2 essential employees and managers: Fully completed form DS-156E parts I, II and III. Please fill out the form online. Contact information must include an e-mail address.

Tab D Cover letter describing company, position and beneficiary. This letter must address all requirements for E visa eligibility as defined by the Foreign Affairs Manual and US law. Please include the date and location of the company’s most recent qualification for E status.
Tab  E Proof that the enterprise is still operating, including copies of the first five pages of the latest year’s US tax returns.
Tab F Ownership documentation showing that the company is still at least 50% owned by nationals of the treaty country as per 9 FAM 402.9-4 (B).
Tab  G For E-2 essential employees and managers:  Statement by the Human Resources Director that the employee is currently employed in the position described on the accompanying DS-156E form.   For essential employees, confirmation that such employee’s services are still essential to the enterprise.
Tab  H The applicant’s resumé or CV, certifications and degrees, etc…
Tab  I G-28 “Notice of Entry of Appearance as Attorney or Representative” (as appropriate), including contact e-mail address and phone number.